Monday, August 22, 2011

Immediate needs

I don't talk about the older kids a lot on this blog (yet), but there are 81 children that have aged out of the orphanage (they age out at age 5 years old) and then move to foster homes (sometimes these are extended family member homes).  The orphanage pays their school fees and occasionally tries to help with food for the family.  The children go to different schools in the Kaziba territory.  There are three trimesters for all the children.  The first trimester (starting in September) has been paid for, but not the uniforms and notebooks.  The children are not allowed to start school without uniforms and notebooks.

Would you consider helping us pay for their uniforms and notebooks with a one time donation?  Some of the children have sponsors who are already contributing towards the school fees, uniforms and notebooks.  Most do not have sponsors.   A uniform and notebook for each child can cost between $15-20.

The other immediate need is for sponsors to help cover the formula costs of all the newborns coming into the orphanage.  If you can't be a sponsor right now, would you consider a one time donation to help us cover our monthly formula costs?  (It costs $70/month just to feed one newborn full strength formula!).  Follow this link.

Thank you!

The photos are of two of the older children (Victoire had to have two pictures as he wanted to show me his teeth :) who grew up in the orphanage and now live in foster homes.  They came last summer to help hold and play with the little kids.  We helped the orphanage be able to do this by providing the money for their food.  We did it again this summer.  

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