Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New babies!

There 3 new babies that have arrived since I left Congo.  (There were 6 new babies on my last visit.).  That  makes 9 babies that need sponsors.

Introducing the 3 new babies...

The first baby is Chikwanine Mugisho, he was born April 9 and just arrived at the orphanage.  His mother died and his father carried him to the orphanage to keep him alive.  He comes from a village far away.

This second baby is a little girl named Furaha (joy).  She was born in May, her mother died.  She also comes from a far village.  

The last baby is a Binja Gloire, she is a little girl.  She was born in June.  Her story will be shared only with her sponsor.  

Would you consider sponsoring one of these babies?  Or do you know someone that might be interested?  A partial sponsorship is $25/ month.  We need two sponsors per month to fully support each baby.  Please feel free to email me at hmulford at gmail.com.

Thank you.

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