Wednesday, September 7, 2011

optimism in Congo

For those of you who care about Congo, here is a great article about a project that worked and is working.  Please take a minute to read the article, it's short and easy to read.

This is so encouraging because you cannot even cross a border in DRC without noticing the ravaging effects of polio on the population.  Men and women that had polio as children, are crippled.  Here is one man's story that touched our lives personally while we lived in Congo.

Also, notice the first paragraph of the story.

"After nearly 20 years of state failure and conflict, the Democratic Republic of Congo has become a difficult place in which to be healthy. Life expectancy is only in the early 40s for both men and women; 1 in 13 women dies in childbirth; and 1 in 5 children does not survive to its fifth birthday."

It's hard to read.  Really hard.  Life expectancy only in the early 40s!  1 in 5 children do not survive to their fifth birthday!  And finally, 1 in 13 women children die in child birth.  1 in 13 women.  Did you read that?  Can you imagine that out of 13 women you know right now, one of them would have died giving birth.  

90% of the children at the Save the Children orphanage have lost their mother because she died in childbirth.  They are the faces behind this statistics.  All those new babies?  Their mothers died giving birth to them.  They become orphans.  And they are alive today (NOT a part of "the 1 in 5 children not surviving to age five") because the orphanage accepts newborns after their mother's die in birth (this is not common for an orphanage, most do not accept babies, they are too expensive to care for and use too many resources).  This is what we are doing at Tumaini.  We are trying to join in the fight to decrease poverty in eastern DRC while partnering with existing structures and people.  We are a part of the positive optimism in Congo, too.  A small light of hope.

Please consider partnering with us.  

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