Monday, October 31, 2011

links that make me ponder and think

The below are three links about orphanage tourism.  They are mostly about Cambodia.  But some of the discussion can be applied to most countries (especially ones that are open to adoption and ones that have growing programs in countries with corruption-like Congo).  Though I don't agree with everything in all these links, there is a lot that I do agree with and there is a lot that should be discussed and talked about.  I agree that children should not live in orphanages.  They should be only there for a short time during which time a long term family setting would be found.  There are some great guiding questions on these links about what qualifies as a "good orphanage".  The second link is very hands on.  The third links has some nice thoughts about traveling internationally.   I think it's important to remember ways to protect children's rights and respect their dignity in all situations, especially ones where we are showing them love and care.   There are lots of answers to these questions and these links bring up some important things to consider.

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varouna said...

Orphanage tourism is a problem. I came across the links for think child safe last week - a lot of it could be applied to other countries. I most agreed with them when they asked if you'd spend the day at an orphanage at your home country - most of us wouldn't dream of doing that, so why is it okay to do it in developing countries?