Friday, October 21, 2011

shutting down corrupt orphanages

I wrote this post to talk about corruption in orphanages.  In Haiti a group lobbeyed the government to shut down this orphanage.  It can happen.  Do you know of an orphanage that is run by a corrupt director?  Do you wonder what happened to your donations?  Do donations disappear?  The money that was given as a donation to the orphanage?  Are the children not treated when they are sick?  Are they starving despite monetary and food donations being given repeatedly by concerned adoptive parents and other concerned people?  Are they neglected?  Is it difficult to get an accurate picture of what is going on behind closed doors?  Do you think to yourself that at least the kids are better off than being on the streets?  Do you think DRC is too corrupt to make change, that no one cares?

Fight for change!  If you know of a corrupt orphanage or director in DRC, talk about it!  Gather others around you!  Make your voice heard for the children that are being abuse, starved and neglected.  Don't remain silent.  The congolese people care about their children!  Talk about what you know, what you have seen.  Fight for the children left behind.  That their lives may be different.

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