Saturday, October 22, 2011

six little babies and a sponsor update

I'm so excited that we have almost all of the children fully sponsored!  So many people have come together to partner with us at the Save the Children orphanage.

As part of the sponsorship packets, I send photos of the sponsored child from the past year and a half until present.  That has been very fun for me to go revisit all the photos starting in Feb. 2010.  And every single time I am completely humbled by the changes I see in the children.  Extra staff (10 in total), fortified powdered milk for the older children, and full strength formula for any child under age 1 or any that are malnourished under age 2.  It is significant.   One of the big parts of this is that because we are filling this need, it gives the main donor to the orphanage (the Norwegian church) the ability to give all their money tagged for the orphanage to food, electric and the other staff needs.  Instead of spreading the money they have each month across all areas (hence, why the babies were only given watered down formula for the first six months of their lives and then none) and not being able to hire more women (which were desperately needed), they now can focus on providing food for three meals and pay the monthly bills associated with running the orphanage.  

There are six babies that are left that need sponsorship at this point.  (New babies are always arriving.)  Four of the babies need full sponsors ($50/month) or two partial sponsors ($25/month) and two babies need one partial sponsor each.  Please check out our blog that lists the children if you are interested in sponsoring.  Then check out our website and follow the donate link.  Make sure to send me an email to let me know you are sponsoring and who you are sponsoring.  My email is hmulford at

(And by the way, one of the future changes that is happening with Tumaini will be that all of the different sites we have will all be in one place!)

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Thank you!

Sometimes pictures tell the stories best of all.

Jackson, 13 months old, Feb. 2010, able to sit with support, not alone.

Chito Wambili in my lap, with smiling Jackson next to me who loved to be tickled.  April 2010, both kiddos are 15 months old.  To read about Chito's amazing story begin here.  

Jackson, 17 months old

Jackson, 21 months

Jackson, 22 months

Jackson, over 2 years old


Julie said...

our precious boy! he has come so far and we are so proud of him and so thankful for the people that loved him for the first 2 years of his life!

Kathleen said...

I have read your blog and the blog of the Save the Children Orphanage. I'm curious as to if these children/babies are adoptable? Does Save the Children Orphanage do adoptions at all?
There are these precious faces looking back at me in the pictures and I'm wondering why they are needing sponsorship and not a forever home.

Any information would be so greatly appreciated!!
Blessings for all you do for these children!
Kathleen Ellis
kathleenellis79 at gmail dot com