Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A great post, please check it out!

Addendum:  I meant to add a brief story as to why this post touched me.  I was driving our car today when my oldest daughter (who is almost five years old) said to me, "mommy, I see a kid in every car we pass!"  I thought it a bit of a strange comment because as far as I could see plenty of the cars just had adults in them. When I asked her to explain more she said, "It's because all the adults were once kids, so I see the kids!".  Then I read the post above and I realized that am the parents of two adoptees who will one day be adult adoptees (I knew that already, but somehow it touched me more today).  They may have different and varying opinions about adoption, their adoptions, and why they were adopted.  I want to listen to adult adoptees now, as much as I can, so that as my children grow, I will be there to listen to, learn from, and support them in their own journeys as adoptees.  I appreciate the author of this blog for this reason (and others).