Monday, January 9, 2012

"I too happy" (Happy Birthday Princess!)

This post is late, but I still wanted to put it out there.  Our second daughter, Isla, turned 3 last month.  (Oh, and in case you are wondering, her name is pronounced like "Eye-lah", the "s" is silent, just like it is in "Island").   Here is a little tribute to princess Isla.

Isla was born in the middle of an icy wintery storm in Oregon in 2008.  We made it to the hospital after driving for hours in the dark in the middle of nowhere (well, in the middle of the country outside of Silverton, it felt like the middle of nowhere that night!) on very icy roads, praying that we wouldn't crash or that I wouldn't give birth on the side of the road.  She was born soon after we made it to the hospital and I think I do remember thinking that "this is why people give birth more than once".  And pretty much that has summed up my feelings about our little Isla.  This is why people have lots of kids, because of kids like this!

She has been an easy going laid back kid from day one.  I have always thought she was a bit of grace given to me.  I think after parenting #1 for two years I had sort of thought that I wasn't the best parent walking around (I mean, otherwise she would be easier to handle, right?  ugghhh, why do we even think those thoughts?).  Anyway, Isla came along and I realized it's not me.  Kids are kids with personalities, emotions, wills, feelings that have little to do with us and our parenting.  She was a bit of grace.

She has been our quiet girl in the midst of three loud girls.  She has been slow to talk, but when she did it was in sentences.  And she has a quirky sense of humor which we recently have begun to see.  She will say to Mike, "I don't like you.  (then she snickers) That's mean, ha?  Well, I love you now.  (and snickers again)."  She loves small toy animals and dolls to play with, and loves to entertain herself by playing with them.  She adores her sisters, and is very affectionate.  She loves her daddy and always calls him "my daddy".  She will hear any music and very quickly starts bobbing her head or shoulders along with the beat.  And she has an opinion about it as well, and will quickly say, "NOT this song!" if she doesn't like it.

She is also the princess of the house.  Somehow (well, maybe there are some good reasons for this), she has been spoiled rotten.  I say this in a good way (sort of).  Lately, the princess has become rather demanding.  She now loves to order us all around (and my husband points out that we all eventually do her bidding just like she wants us too).  If she cries we all come running.  If someone says "no" to her, that person must apologize to her or she will wail for a looonggg time.  (And Natalie has been heard to say, "dad, don't say no to Isla, just say not yet"!).  If she drops a toy the twins argue over who gets to pick it up for her.  She has been known to say, "I poopy, change me!", "I sad b/c you told me no", "go get my toy now!",  "my tongue hurts, kiss it!"  and even, "my bum hurts, kiss it!"  Why do we cater to her every whim you might ask?  Because she is just too dang cute! She doesn't throw big tantrums and whine in an annoying way.  She knows how to show just enough displeasure (and has the best pouts) that we all give in!  She will dramatically (and quietly) walk away like she has her little heart has been utterly crushed (with her head hanging low) if you won't give in and give her what she wants.  (It totally makes you want to do whatever she wants!!)  And she gives her love and affection so readily you can never stay mad at her.  Yes, it's very pitiful.  Truly, pitiful.

I think my favorite thing she says is, "I too happy".  She means "I'm so happy", but it comes out the first way.  Here are some things that she routinely will say "I too happy" about--

going to church (yes we go to an amazing church where she gets to dance and sing for about an hour)
going to school (yes, she loves her daycare)
when daddy comes home
when mommy plays with her
when her sisters play with her
when she gets to eat any of the following food: corn on the cob, pasta with parmesan cheese, quesadillas, pizza with cheese, pb&J, or oatmeal.  (And yes, she won't eat anything but those foods).
when anyone comes to visit us
going to music class with mommy
getting a blue m&m if she goes on the potty (yes, I will reserve a whole post for this saga alone)
staying inside and looking at the snow
going to the park
I could go on and on

We love you sweet little Isla.  May the sweetness, sense of humor, and light you bring to our family shine even brighter this year!  (And may we somehow learn to tell you no occasionally.  
Otherwise, we are in big trouble....)

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Janna said...

What a sweet post! Happy (belated) birthday Isla!
I have to say I can totally relate to you feeling she is a bit of grace after parenting a, shall we say, strong willed first born who isn't always (ever) easy to handle. Or, maybe I'm just projecting from my own experience! Or, perhaps we have had a similar experience! :)
Also, I don't think I've said it before but I really enjoy reading your blog!