Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What this blog is about (and it's not just about ethics in adoption).

I thought I would write a small piece about my blog.  As you probably have already guessed, I am not the most blog savvy person out there.  (Add to this that I feel pretty insecure about writing so publicly and you might wonder what this blog is about and why I even blog.)   I started writing this blog about our life in DRC and our adoption of the little boy we were trying to adopt.  We had to stop that adoption and the blog evolved into my work up at the Save the Children orphanage (and the eventual adoption of our girls, Ellie and Mia).  It also was still about our life in DRC as well.  Now we live in the U.S. so I sometimes chat about that transition.  And I talk a lot about ethics in international adoption (in DRC).  A lot of talking about that lately because it is important to me.

But the most important thing I talk about on my blog is the children of DRC and orphan/vulnerable child care. And the reason I went public with my blog is because of these children and the courage they inspire.   Lately, I have talked about this less than I like.  So, I want to again start sharing about the very important children of DRC that we are trying to partner with the congolese people to help.  And specifically our work with Tumaini.

While this blog will still be about--
ethics in international adoption in DRC,
our lives, our faith and our kids,
our lives as they were in DRC,
and DRC--from other's eyes as well,
it will mostly be about the children at the Save the Children orphanage and what their lives are like and ways we can come alongside our partners in DRC and help to improve them.

It's about these little ones that I want to talk about most--

some recent bumbos donated from friends of Tumaini for the babies

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Angela V said...

My family and I were thrilled to get the picture and update of beautiful Mwamini today! So blessed and humbled.