Monday, April 23, 2012

Babies! New babies that need sponsors and pictures of growing babies!

***Update--please refer to this post for an update about which children still need sponsors and the new ones that have recently come to the orphanage.**

We need your help.  Have you thought about sponsoring a baby, but never have committed?  Do you know someone that would like to sponsor a child?  We have a BIG group of new babies up at the orphanage that need formula (about $80/month).  We are looking for sponsors for these new babies because we are the only ones that contribute formula to the orphanage.  (Other donors contribute food, and the basic needs for running an orphanage).

Sponsors contribute $25/month to the needs of the orphanage (we buy formula for the babies, fortified powdered milk for the bigger kids (age 1 and up), and we pay the salaries of 7 additional women to help hold, feed, and care for the babies.  We also have a manager on the ground that increases our accountability and transparency).   Aside from the transfer fees, all money goes on ground.  Our main goal is to give these little ones a chance at life after their mothers die, until they are old enough (usually b/w ages 1 and 5 years old) to return back to their families.

We believe in keeping families together.

Please consider helping support these little ones, or pass on this blog!  We need your help.  

Donate link is here (our 501c3 status is almost complete; until then, we are grateful to accept donations through Children's HopeChest).  Our website is here.  (And very soon all these links will be together at one spot.)  If you don't want to sponsor, a one time donation will help us until we are up to full sponsorship.  If you do want to sponsor one of these little ones, please let us know by either emailing through our website (here) or me directly (hmulford at  

And I wanted to say a very big thank you to all our current sponsors and those that have given one time donations.  Also a big thank you to those that have given monthly general donations to help meet the gap until we are fully funded.  YOU ARE ALL the reasons these babies are doing well.

Lukogo - Boy - 4 months (needs two sponsors one sponsor)

Mapenzi - Boy - 6 weeks (needs two sponsors Fully Sponsored!)

Esperance - Girl - 11 months (needs two one sponsor  Fully Sponsored!)

Esther - Girl - 11 months (already fully sponsored!)

Neema - Girl - 10 months (needs two sponsors Fully sponsored!)
Furaha - Girl -11 months (needs one sponsor Fully Sponsored!)

Mwamini - Girl - 11 months (still needs one sponsor)

Consolat - Girl - 11 months (needs two sponsorsFully sponsored!)

Mugisho - Boy - 1 year (fully sponsored!)

Francine - Girl - 13 months (Needs one sponsor.Fully Sponsored)

Nabuchi - Girl - 7 months (needs two one sponsor   Fully Sponsored!)

Marango- Boy - 19 months (needs two sponsorsFully sponsored!)

Bwinja - Girl - 6 months (needs two sponsorsFully Sponsored!)

Emile - Boy - 7 months (needs two sponsors Fully Sponsored!) 
I'll update this post as we get sponsors!  


Katie said...

question-how long is the child sponsored for? do most of these children stay at the orphanage long term or transition to family care? I think we would like to sponsor Lukogo.

Holly said...

Awesome Katie! You can sponsor the child for as long (or short) as you would like. When they move out of the orphanage we let you know immediately and you can either choose to sponsor another child or stop sponsoring altogether. The two children that moved home most recently were one year old and 3 years old (it is unusual for a child to be one year old when they move home, though that would be much better in my mind, most move home from ages 3-5). Thanks for sponsoring little Lukogo. Just follow the donate link above and I'll mark it on the post. I'll send you a sponsorship packet within the week.