Saturday, May 12, 2012

With thoughts of you, "other mommy"

We are very very fortunate to have a photo of Ellie and Mia's mother.  What a gift!  We have it on our mantle with the rest of the family photos.  I put it up there a few months ago (once I unearthed it from all our boxes).  I showed it to Ellie and Mia first.  I said, "here is your mommy, your other mommy, you have two mommies".   They, of course, love her picture.  They love showing anyone that walks in the room, "dat's my odder mama, I have dwo mamas!"  We talk about her beautiful brown skin and look at their skin.  We talk about how she carried them inside of her, in her "tummy".  We talk about how she is from Congo and that is where they were born too.  We talk about the fact she died and that she is with God now.   We talk about how that is why they needed another mommy to love them and take care of them.  We talk about how we all lived in Congo before we moved here and how we met some of their family.  We talk about their other mommy a lot.  They are only 2 1/2 years old.  They don't really get it, I know that.  But somehow it is so right and I think as they grow she will be a natural part of their (our) lives.    In honor of their mother, on Mother's day, I'm reposting a link to a post that is just as appropriate for tomorrow as it was in November.  I think if I was really savvy I would repost the original post, but I'm not sure how to do that! 

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