Wednesday, June 13, 2012

sharing the joy (an update)

I received updated photos on the sweet kids from the orphanage yesterday.  I laughed and cried looking through them.  I walked around with a big smile on my face.  I was also concerned about a couple little ones.  After I looked at the photos, I wanted to send all the people who love the children with me the photos right way.  All those people who have helped make this work possible, who support them every month, who have prayed for them, who check up on them, who read about them, who have visited them and held them, who celebrate their growth and development with me, who care about the orphaned and vulnerable child in DRC and who pass on their stories so others partner with us.  And it hit me, that it is not just my joy and concern, it is our joy and our concern.  And I was filled with gratitude.  Again.

So I want to share.  Here are some pictures of some of the kiddos.  Sponsors will be getting their individual updates in the coming weeks (this is a sneak preview for them :).

Consolat (can't stop smiling looking at this sweet face!)

Shereba, he is almost 5 (he has grown up so much!)

Shagayo, 5 1/2.  She is going to a small school near the orphanage.  Such good news!

Bertin, getting so big.  What a cutie!

Bwinja, love her expression!

Little Chito Wambili.  Looking at this photo yesterday near to broke my heart (all over again).  Though she looks so grown up, her lost  and hurting expression haunts me and reminds me why I felt compelled to start Tumaini in the first place.  It is for her and all those that should never have such sorrow and pain in their eyes.  Her story begins here.  

There is a little 3 week old in the hospital, a little baby boy named Ishara who came to the orphanage a week ago because his mother died.  So much sorrow.  Please pray he is treated appropriately and that he lives.  He is very little.  I'm extremely grateful the orphanage is next to a very good hospital and the children are treated there immediately if they get sick.  Here is his photo.

Ishara, age 3 weeks, he needs two sponsors is fully sponsored.

There are also three more babies/children at the orphanage since I last updated!  Yeah.  It's a lot.  There are 39 children in total, with 9 of them under age 1 years old.  This is a lot of responsibility.  Without your support these little ones would not have the chance at life that they have right now.

Are you interested in sponsoring a child?  Along with Ishara (above) here are the photos of the four other babies/children who need sponsors.  A sponsor pays $25/month.  Each child needs two sponsors.  (If you want to support that child completely, you can choose to do so and pay $50/month).   If you would like to sponsor a child, then please follow the donate link on this page (it says " donation page at Children's HopeChest") and then email me to let me know which child you would like to sponsor.  My email is on the top right of this blog.  Thank you.

This is Albert, he is 13 months old, and the big brother of Ishara!  He needs two sponsors is fully sponsored!  

This little one is Esta, she is 10 months old and needs two sponsors is fully sponsored!

Ishara, Albert and Esta are the three new babies.  Here are two little ones that still each need one sponsor.  

Lukogo, 4 months, he still needs one sponsor.  

This is Mwamini.  She is 13 months old and needs one more sponsor is fully sponsored!

Please pass on this post to others that may be interested in sponsoring a child or partnering with our work in eastern DRC with a monthly donation or a one-time donation.  Thank you.

(p.s.  If you look at the header photo you will find two of the kids pictured here (that photo was from over 2 years ago)).

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