Monday, June 4, 2012

Some of my life and something worth watching.

This post will be in snippets.  I am tired, it is late, and I have a lot of packing to do tomorrow.

*We are moving to a new house.  It's in the country.  When I was looking at it and looked out the windows I sighed out loud.  I saw fields, hills full of green trees, and horses in pastures.  Out every window.  Peace stole over me.

I love our current house.  It has been a gift to us.  The owners that rented it to us have been beyond wonderful.  When we moved here we knew one person.  She was out of town when we arrived with our U-haul full of all our belongings.  I was so overwhelmed and felt like I just wanted to go back home, to Congo.  We were renting a furnished home for the year until we could get our bearings.  The owners of our house had left for overseas the day before we arrived.  When Natalie and Isla went into their room they started yelling.  On their beds were little crowns with their names on them.  I started crying right there.  The kindness of strangers.  Something so little meant so much, and I'll never forget it and the many other ways people showed us kindness as we moved back to the states.

But as much as I love this house (and it's backyard with two play structures, one of which has 4 swings!) I am ready to move.  We live on a busy street that is the main trucking road into town.  The house is right on the road.  It's loud.  And I crave silence (maybe because I have four kids, 5 years old and under who are all very outgoing?).  Natalie is scared to walk on the sidewalk because there is little to no shoulder in front of our house so the huge semi-trucks barrel past us literally next to us.  I miss the quite of Congo.  I miss hearing the birds from my window.  And the silence and darkness at night.  I learned to love the city when I lived in Baltimore for 11 years, but I yearn for the peace of the country similar to where I grew up.    So, my husband is moving for me.  And I'm grateful.  I have to laugh that his comment upon seeing the house was, "well, there are a lot of fields, and um, where will we buy bread?".  (He grew up in the city.)

*I'm working a lot.  I love my job.  But I still haven't figured out how to work and keep the rest of it afloat.  I'll save a whole post for this transition, because it's been a whopper for me.

*We only need two more sponsors.  To say I am humbled and grateful feel like huge understatements.
(If you have no idea what I am talking about or you want to sponsor, check out this post)

*Speaking of checking out posts, here is one definitely worth checking out today.  If you wonder why I keep talking about ethics in adoption, if you wonder why I won't stop saying "ask questions, ask questions, ask questions", if you wonder why I harp on the point of investigating orphan status, if you wonder if I am totally out there and extreme in my worry for DRC adoptions, if you wonder what I am talking about most of time (in terms of IA in DRC)--please, check out this post and watch the video.  It's all in there.  This is why I speak.  Huge thanks to the Rileys and others for their work and the continued advocacy.  Please, if you care about IA in Africa, and in DRC, take the time to watch the video.

And I think I will end on a photo of my girls taken on easter this year.

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