Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An incredible alternative to orphanages. Consider opening a home like this in Kinshasa!

My heart and passion is working in eastern DRC with vulnerable and orphaned children.

Perhaps yours is to work in Kinshasa or a different area of the country.  Perhaps you adopted a child from Kinshasa and you want to help other vulnerable children, the children you didn't adopt.  Perhaps you chose not to adopt, or your adoption fell through, and your heart is still there, with the children in Kinshasa.

Don't open a new orphanage.  Don't open another institution where children live for years and years.

I would challenge you to think of starting a project like this one.  Child's i Foundation is based in Uganda and it resonates with me on so many levels.  There are so many children abandoned in Kinshasa.  What if there was just one project like this one in Kinshasa?  They have already found families for 80 children IN Uganda.  They find the families of the children.  For those that can be reunified they do so. For those where they cannot find families they find Ugandan adoptive families.  They work on supporting families to stop abandonment in the first place.   Their children stay for a maximum of six months.  They support social workers and do trainings.  

What a wonderful way to help orphans, widows, and their families.  Take some time and explore their site.  Take some time and consider alternative ways to care for vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned children.


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Contessa said...

I'll have to check that out! Have you heard of Bring Love In? They are putting families together by placing orphans with widows in Ethiopia.