Sunday, November 4, 2012

a challenge for orphan sunday

Lovely and challenging words for today, the day called "Orphan Sunday".

So much resonated with me when I read this post.  And one little girl's face came to mind.  A very special little girl that I worry about a lot.  Who lives on the other side of the world.  When I received her most recent photo, my heart broke all over again.  When you pray for orphans today, would you pray for her?  Her name is Chito Wambili.  This little girl is loved by all those have met her.

If you want to read her story, start here.  But read all the follow ups if you read her story, then you will understand even more the love I have for this little girl and why I started Tumaini in the first place.  Children do not belong in orphanages.  They should be in families.  The children that live at the orphanage we support have known families.  More have been going home to their families than ever, but not enough and not fast enough.  Living in an institution, in an orphanage, does harm to children.  We support the children and then we support the work of the orphanage staff to reunite the children with their families.  Again, to those that have supported our work--thank you.  

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