Thursday, November 29, 2012


For the last few days, my mind and heart has been on this little boy.  And about the injustice of the world that allows sick children to linger in an orphanage day after day.  About the suffering of children when death separates them from their parents.  And about the beauty of new families forged from this pain, that somehow, redeem it.  Tonight I'm thankful for adoptive parents who bring into their families little ones that would otherwise not have a family.  I'm thankful that love of a child goes beyond shared blood.  I'm thankful for compassionate hearts who reach out to others and try to ease burdens.  I'm thankful for listening ears who don't judge, but somehow look to the heart.   Tonight, I'm so full of gratitude for the family that brought Howard Patric home and loved him as their own.  I'm thankful for other families that have now become good friends who have welcomed other children that I love into their arms with complete love and acceptance.  I'm thankful for these children now have homes and families to call their own.  Sweet dreams, little ones.

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