Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exciting news and little babies that need sponsors

It's been awhile since I have posted about Tumaini and children that need sponsors.  I have waited because I finally can share our exciting news.  We received our 501c3 status which means we can directly accept donations rather than working with an umbrella organization.   We still have to get a new website up and running (it's in process) so we are still thankful to Children's HopeChest for accepting our donations over the next month.  

The other news is that we have made the decision to change our name from the swahili name for hope, "Tumaini" to "Reeds of Hope".  We felt that Tumaini is a difficult word to pronounce and spell.  The name "Reeds of Hope" (based off of the biblical story of moses when he was placed in a basket of reeds to save his life) still reflects the hope with which we do our work, hope which guides the families that bring the babies to the orphanage when their mothers die, and the hope that comes from the love of God for all the orphaned and vulnerable children in DRC.

Other wonderful news is that we have had many children move home back with their families.  I will post their photos in the next post.  This is what makes our work most worthwhile, seeing children with  families and out of institutions.

Here are the babies that have arrived over the past three months and that need sponsors.  Also two children who still need sponsors who have been at the orphanage for about a year.  We provide formula for all the babies, powdered milk that is fortified for the older children as well as extra women to hold and care for the children.  Each child needs one full sponsor ($50/month) or two partial sponsors at $25/month.  Please feel free to email me if you are interested in sponsoring one of the babies below (email is top of blog on the right) and I will give you further details.

Chikuru Isenge needs two sponsors ($25/month) or one full sponsor. Fully sponsored!  Her story is also written here.

Bruno, born Sept. 29.  He needs two sponsors is fully sponsored!   Please pray for this  tiny vulnerable little one.

Furahisha, born Oct. 5.  She needs two sponsors is fully sponsored!  Please pray for this precious little one.  

Samueli, born Aug. 26.  Another sweet baby that needs two sponsors is fully sponsored!.

Maajabu, he was born 8/29.  He needs two sponsors. if fully sponsored! 

Chanceline, she needs two sponsors.  is fully sponosred!  

This sweet boy is Lukogo, he needs one more sponsor is fully sponsored!  He is 11 months old.  
This is sweet Consolat, she needs one sponsor is fully sponsored!.  She is 17 months old. 

Sometimes, I think of the families that bring their babies to the orphanage.  I was there one day visiting when a family brought a little one.  They were still in mourning, grieving their sister who had died.  They handed off the newborn she had given birth to, because they had no way to keep him alive.  It was completely heartbreaking.  I think of the small hope that brought them to the orphanage, the hope that perhaps the baby may live when so many do not in that area of Congo.  Hope can sometimes seem as slim and fragile as a reed, but often that slender bit of hope is enough to save a life and work a miracle.  Thank you for supporting our work.    


KrisDy Lynn said...

I luv the name and its meaning Holly! I hope and pray for these little ones. Hope they will be reunited with their families. Thanks to your ministry, Reeds of Hope they now have a chance at life! I praise God for what you and your friends are doing, and of course all the sponsors! Luv ya andGod bless you! Kristy

Brittany said...

Will you please post an update on Benjamin and his sister, Nayenge? Will had tried to adopt them and it fell through. Though our hearts still greive for them, we would very much like to see an update. thankyou.

Holly said...

Hi Brittany,

Would you be willing to email me? hmulford at

Thanks for writing me!

Thompson Family said...

I emailed you!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news that all the babies got sponsored! So fabulous!