Monday, November 19, 2012

unexpected happenings

This will be a bullet type update as it is very late tonight.

--First, and most importantly, please pray for peace in eastern DRC.  As you all have probably seen in the news, the ceasefire has ended and there is increased fighting in the last week which has reached Goma.   There have been evacuations in Goma and large movements of terrified populations.  This is tragic and completely heart breaking.

This blog has very good analysis and news about eastern DRC and is a good resource to understanding this very complicated conflict.

--Two very good friends (long time missionaries) from our time in DRC (we shared a large house with them) came to a city that was 6 hours from where I currently live.  So, I very unexpectedly packed up the two older kids and drove to see them.  We all miss them so much.  Isla said, "I did remember Aunt Sue.  I miss her so much.  I love her so so much.".   It's very good to be with them right now and it will be hard to say good bye tomorrow.

--And I am saving the most unexpectedly wonderful news for last.  In the past, when I have new babies that need sponsors, it usually takes me about one month to find one sponsor.  If it's a good month, I find two sponsors.  When I posted on here that I needed 14 sponsors I was hoping hoping there might be some miraculous way to find them before January.  Then, I heard from a woman who told me that she believed God would provide them by the end of this month!  And, you know what, it took three days!  Three days.

I have been humbled and amazed by the outpouring of support and interest, not only from this woman's amazing community of friends and family, but also from others around the U.S. that want to partner in our work.  I am so thankful for this testimony of God's provision and faithfulness.

And not only does this mean that we will be able to bring up formula and milk, but we will be able to fundraise in some other areas we have desperately needed to fundraise in for some time.   What are these areas?

We need to hire more mamas.  There are too many babies these days for the number of caregivers and they are in cribs or bumbos too long.  My goal?  Six mamas.

We need to develop a role for a social worker to help us get the kids home sooner and then do more work with the kids that have been moved home (that we provide school fees for) to make sure they are being taken care of well.

We need to set up sponsorships for the school fees of the 82 kids we support (who have moved out of the orphanage over the last 15 years) who wouldn't be going to school without the support.  Right now, we have had amazing people come alongside us every trimester who raise the fees or give to the school fee fund (it is about $1500/trimester and then $1500 for school uniforms and notebooks once a year).

And there are more projects, but I am so excited and thankful to be able to provide for some needs that are essential and vital to the childrens' health and well being.

Thank you!

I love this photo, all the mamas are encouraging little Rachel to take her first steps.  This is from a training done by some friends on attachment and care (of the mamas and of the children), it was amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! Miracles!!! Love you Holly, I pray that God blesses you, family, and ministry saving lives of children tremendously!!! Kristy :-)