Monday, December 24, 2012

magic and mystery

Yesterday, I was talking with a friend and she was describing the excitement of her 6 year old finding a gift from santa early.  The sheer thrill and wonder of the magic and mystery of santa.  I have to admit to feeling a little sad that my almost 6 year old doesn't get to the have the same experience.  She has always been an extremely logical kid and early on asked me, "Is Santa real or pretend?".  When asked so directly, I couldn't say he was real and so I didn't (and had honestly never planned on pretending he was real).   It hasn't been a big deal, she never has thought he was real.  But the wonder of the gifts appearing, of a jolly old man bringing presents, the awe on a little one's face---I think I missed that for her for some reason yesterday.  

I want her to believe in magic and mystery.

Then, of course, the obvious hit me.  I believe in magic and mystery.  The incarnate Christ.  The God man.  The baby Jesus.  Magic.  Mystery.  Wonder.  Awe.

And she has caught the spirit of christmas too.  The birth of Jesus, the hope for the world come in flesh as a baby.  Her face lights with excitement and anticipation.  She believes in magic and mystery, too.

And I am content and at peace.

Wishing you all a lovely christmas and hopeful new year.


KrisDy Lynn said...

I love this Holly! I am so glad she understands and is excited for our Lord. Thank you Jesus who was born in a humble manger knowing full well that he was going to die someday, yet sacrificing himself anyway. May God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mulford Family! Love and miss you all. -Rebecca