Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mountains, near and far

We are a bit snowed in this weekend.  We could get out, but why slip and slide on snowy roads when we have everything we need at home.

When I look out our windows, I see snow falling in sheets, horses walking in thick snow, and hills mountains covered in bare trees standing in snow.  It's incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

Earlier today.  

Later today.

It makes me think of my drives to a little village in eastern DRC where sweet little ones live.  They too look out on mountains, but they are covered in green and rise high into the sky.  Incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

The drive to the orphanage.  
Now, our manager in eastern DRC takes this drive 3-4 times a month to check on the babies and children.  In the rainy season, the road can get quite slippery with mud.

He also brings formula for the babies.  

And fortified powdered milk for the big kids.  And salaries for the 7 mamas we hired to supplement the staffing at the orphanage.

Reeds of Hope does a lot more than this and you will be hearing more about that in the coming days.  Tonight I've been thinking of mountain roads and bringing formula to babies.  

Interested in giving to our work in eastern DRC?  Follow this link.


Katie said...
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Katie said...

Sorry, I tried to edit and ended up deleting. I was just saying that I fall in love with Lukogo every time I see a picture of him. Each picture I have seen has stopped me in my tracks and then I see his name at the bottom. There is something special about him.