Saturday, January 12, 2013

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I enjoyed reading this challenging post today, and resonate with much of what Sara is saying as I feel it is very appropriate to adoption in DRC.    We had to walk away for our first adoption of a little boy because we suspected corruption in the process.  We never had proof, but we knew it was the right decision.  It was very difficult, but we don't regret it.   Please take some time to read the post now.   A quote of it is below.  (If you have would like to share your story of adopting from DRC, please let me know.)  

It takes courage to ask the hard questions – and to walk away if you discover that the child you love does not need a new family. It is brave to tell the truth, especially when adoption agencies who profit from corruption will go to great lengths to silence families.
Friends, I will keep beating this drum as long as it takes. It is time for the Christian adoption and orphan care movement to wake up to the reality of corruption – and the truth of Scripture. The Bible is crystal clear that exploiting the poor, destroying families, paying bribes and denying justice are sin. The Bible is also clear that we are called to protect and provide for orphans and widows - and the reality in the world today as in the world when the Bible was penned is that most orphans are living with widows and that these families are vulnerable to exploitation. Protecting and providing for these families – preventing children from being abandoned - must become a priority. It is time for change.

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