Wednesday, January 9, 2013

kids and their words

I'm working on a big post, but it's taking some time.  In the meanwhile, here are some little words I have overheard from my kids lately.

Natalie (almost 6) as daddy left for a trip recently, "Mommy, you got to go on lots of trips and get breaks from us, now it's daddy's turn."  (Not sure if I should feel a bit chagrined about that being her take home message about why I went on two work conference trips and two trips to the west coast to two family weddings this last year.  I suppose there is some truth to it...)

Isla (just 4), the next day after a bad croup attack during the night, "Mommy, you know why I was sick and couldn't breath?  Well, you know I like mouses.  Those mouses were in my throat.  But I don't know why.  I didn't leave my mouth open when I was sleeping."

Ellie (3), after talking to daddy on skype, to me later that night (reassuring herself), "Mommy.  I have a daddy.  Yup.  He lives in the computer.  I don't know how he's going to get out, Mommy, and come back."  A bit confused by it all.

Mia (3), missing daddy, "I want him home now, he's hungry, how will he get back here to eat?"   Earlier the same day after struggling to put a princess dress on, "oh, I'm so beautiful.  beautiful.  I am just so beautiful."

Be back soon!

Mia, Isla, and Ellie (the picture is now hanging straight :)


Anonymous said...

i thought it was frogs that jumped on people int he night at your place - not mouses! - R

Susan Vinton said...

I love that photo!

Shauna said...

Such sweet and smart girls! Wish we could all get together.