Friday, January 25, 2013

watching them grow with love

One amazing part of having been involved with the orphanage for three years (and living in that area of DRC for 1 1/2 of those years) is that I have watched a lot of little ones grow and I have fought very hard to get them the milk and care they need to do so well.  And many of you have also been partnering with us for much of that time as well.  These photos are for you.  I absolutely loved some of the photo updates we received this month.  Especially for some of the older kids, it means so much to see their progress and in some cases, their smiling faces.

If you go to our facebook page you will see a photo of this cutie when I first met him (he is the profile picture).  His name is Bertin.  He is a sweet little guy and always has had a smile on his face when I visited.  Look at him now!  He has gotten so big.

Bertin, 4 years old

Gloire, almost 4 years old, I never saw this little boy smile when I lived in DRC.  I'm so happy to see this smile now!

Nsimire, 4 1/2 (this little one had rickets and didn't walk until she was 3).

Some of the new little ones are doing well and couldn't be cuter as they get bigger.  I'm glad to see that most look well nourished in the photos and are gaining weight.

Nabuchi, 16 months old

Neema, 19 months old

Maajabu, 5 months old (gained 6 lbs since October!)

This little man is quite the miracle, Benjamin, 20 months old
And two photos that mean a lot to me that came this month is of the wonderful mamas that care for the children.  In the two photos they are caring for all the new babies (six) that have arrived since October.  We are raising funds to hire more mamas to care for all the babies.  If you are interested in helping us hire more women, please let me know at hmulford (at) gmail (dot) com.  Or donate here.  (Mamas get paid $50/month).  

Washing babies.  

Getting the babies dressed for bed.  

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