Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Birthday sweet girl! (Natalie, 6 years old)

Natalie turned six years old last week.  Hard to believe she is six but also hard sometimes to remember that she is only six.  She is such a mixture of intensity, compassion, sensitivity, maturity, perfectionism, and innocence.  Yesterday we were talking at the table and she said, "Mom, I just don't know if I should believe you about God or believe other people who don't believe in God".  What?!  At just six?  She actually asked me this question a couple months ago as well.  I thought that would be more  of a freshman in college type dilemma.

She is an amazing big sister and though she struggles when everyone is screaming (or just in general trying to annoy her) and she wants it quiet, she does an amazing job at pulling out patience and kindness to the three younger ones.   And she knows that drawing will calm her down when she is upset.  At school, the teachers report she is "safe" for those that are nervous and scared and need someone to just sit by them and play with them.  

(lately trying to get a non-blurry photo of Mia smiling is impossible)

She has always been very intense in her emotions and responses to things that upset her or make her mad (in other words, she screams a lot).  When we were in Congo, our congolese staff called her "mechant", meaning mean (to put this in context, there was a painted picture of a dog on our gate to our compound that said "mechant" to describe that the dog was mean).   They loved her, but never really understood why she screamed so much.  The other day I was talking with a friend and realized that in the last 3 months, she hasn't had a single screaming fit.  I feel like they are finally, finally slowing down.

She wants to move to another country when we are done living here.  Lately, it has been Japan since she is learning about it in school.  Her only stipulation is that the people and kids have to speak english.

She still wants to be a construction worker when she grows up.

Probably my favorite thing she spontaneously came out with this last year was after she fell off her bike and skinned her elbows (for the umpteenth time).  She yelled in frustration, "Why did Adam and Eve have to eat that stupid apple anyway???"

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love love love natalie jean and the rest of you too : ) - rebecca