Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How much does it cost to adopt from DRC? (Part I)

In an effort to help there be more transparency in adoptions in DRC, I asked some adoptive parents if they would like to anonymously share their fees for their adoption in DRC.  So many said "yes", that they would be excited to do so and wished they had something similar when they were early in the process.  So, a huge thank you to those who helped and contributed (I'm sorry it took me so long to get this up, it was complicated!).  You all are amazing and thank you!

And yes, for those of you would like to contribute to a follow up post, you still can!  I have some others that weren't quite ready yet, so there will be a second post with more agencies/organizations/independents.   Just contact me (email is above right).

As a small explanation, if details of fees were not explained to the adoptive parents, there will be no details on the charts.  I did not include home study costs or uniform USCIS costs on the tables though they are reflected in the overall costs.  Thank you again, and I hope this is helpful to all of you who are in process right now and well as contribute to overall transparency and truth in adoption in DRC.

Please click on the bottom right of this workbook to expand it and see all five different sheets of information.  There is a lot of information!  You have to expand it and then toggle through the five sheets.  The top four families adopted two children.  The remainder adopted one child.  The adoptions occurred all over DRC, most from Kinshasa.   We included the costs of our personal adoption, we are "independent #1".

Sheet 5 is a detailed breakdown of specific adoption court fees provided by families adopting DRCAS, OFA, and those who are independent (or using the services of a facilitator) who were given this information from their agency/organization or paid the fees directly themselves as they were independent.

DRCAS (DRC Adoption Services) has recently become a licensed child placement agency.  The family that adopted with them that is quoted in this table worked with them doing an independent adoption before they became an agency.  Their fees have increased slightly now that they are an agency (and working on Hague accreditation).  Please contact Amy True if you have any questions about DRCAS at  

This post is not meant to recommend or attack any agency or organization.  If you are a PAP, please read through my other posts on the right side of this blog as you consider which agency to adopt from in DRC (and whether or not to adopt from DRC at all).  This is meant to increase transparency in adoption in DRC.  

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