Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Holly, what happened?"

I've decided to commit to posting every day until I raise the school fees for this trimester.  Why?  Because it really is my fault that there is a two week deadline to raise them.  I was asked a lot yesterday, "Holly, what happened?  Didn't you know about the school fees before now?  Since they are three times a year?".  Yes, I did.  There is a very long back story to why I posted the need to raise the money now (instead of two months ago), but in the end, it's my fault.  So here I am.  Sending out a last minute plea to raise the funds.

One of the reasons that this happened so late is that I was overly optimistic that at the beginning of the year we would have updated photos of the children with their basic bios along with our new website (which is going to integrate a program for sponsoring to make everything more streamlined).  Before this happened we needed the info on the children.  Well, in order to get the information we needed to send our manager on the ground to visit all the kids.  They go to 27 schools spread all over the place and we simply do not have the funds to pay for his transport.  So, we have been relying on the lists of names, school, and year in school (along with specific fees) I receive three times a year.

I've been working with a friend that wants to help move our system of raising school fees into a more streamlined comprehensive approach with good follow up of the children.  I'm all for it!  We need our website up (this month is it!).  AND we need transport for the manager (more to come on that in the days ahead).  Then we will make a yearly sponsorship rate and we will have updates on all the children that will be given to the sponsors.  And we will be monitoring how they are doing.

I'm really excited about this, because I really truly believe in giving children education.  I really believe it is essential for any chance of moving out of extreme poverty.  I believe it is a basic human right.  And I believe that it is one barrier for families that prevent them from taking their children back into their homes again after they have lived in the orphanage.

Do you want to help children move out of orphanages and back with their families?  Do you want to give a child hope?  Help pay their school fees.  It is simple, it is inexpensive (for example, it costs $20 to pay the trimester fees for one of the primary students on my list today), and it will not only give the child a chance at a different life,  it is one very important way to give them a family and a future.  

small village school

Yesterday, I posted we needed to raise $1400.   Because of the generous donations we received yesterday, now we need to raise $1200.  Please consider a one time donation to help us raise these funds, the razoo donate button is on the right side of the blog.  Thank you for giving and sharing.  

Addendum:  Here is the link to the razoo donation page.  

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Maybe Tomorrow said...

Holly I would like to help but the button isn't showing up on my phone. I'm trapped on the couch by sick kiddos. Can you list a link or email one? Laceytrumbo@hotmail. Thanks!