Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sending them home...on foot

Two months ago I wrote this post about two little babies that died at the orphanage we support.  It's still hard to look at their photos.  I believe they are truly home now and filled with the love of God.

At the orphanage we support we have the dream of sending children to earthly homes filled with the love of a family.   We have a dream of giving them good quality short term "emergency" care while doing quality family assessments and comprehensive investigations to assess the readiness to take the babies home and also evaluate what barriers need to be overcome in order to reunite them with their families.  We have a dream of finding good quality long term "foster families" in eastern DRC to raise those children that can't be reunited with their families.  (Remember, in this area of DRC like other areas of Africa, "foster care" is similar to domestic adoption here in the states).  We have a dream that children will not linger years and years in an orphanage.  In fact, I wish that more and more orphanages were being shut down and more reunification programs were being implemented, so that more and more children could go back with their families.

(And yes, to all of you who read my blog and jump to the conclusion I am anti-adoption, I do believe international adoption is an option for those children that cannot be reunited with their families and for those that cannot be placed in long term domestic situations.)

I've written before about children moving home to their families.  Well, two more sweet little boys have gone back to their families.  I actually know nothing more than that.  I have shared before that it has taken us a long time to get to full sponsorship at the orphanage.  Now that we finally have gotten there we next need to focus on hiring a social worker and raising money for transport options (more to come on that in another post) for our manager to check on the children and their families.   You might wonder how the children are being reunited if we haven't formally been working in that area at the orphanage.  It's because almost all the children have been left in the orphanage by their fathers or other family members with the intent of coming back to get them; it is only a temporary place to help babies after their mothers die giving birth to them.  What we would like to do is get them back home sooner (why should they wait until they are 4 or 5 years old?).

I have some very precious photos of the two little boys who went home.  Christian and Janvier.   Two boys that I got to know well over the year and a half I visited the orphanage.

Christian and Janvier, 3 years ago

Christian, this is the look he would give me EVERY time I visited!
Christian, the only photo I ever got of him smiling.  Handsome!

The last day I ever visited the orphanage.  Janvier.  

Janvier, this past fall.  

Christian, this past fall. 

I'm so happy for these two sweet boys!  Our new website is almost ready to go live.  If you are considering sponsoring a child, especially an older child like Janvier and Christian that now live with their families, keep checking back here.  I will be announcing when it is up and there will be many sponsorship opportunities available.  Especially of all the amazing older children (77!) that we sponsor to attend school.

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