Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Summit 9

I'm not someone that wins contests, raffles, races, or anything that has a winner or loser.  In high school I was in Track and Field.  My very last meet (of my life) I ran my personal best on the 100m hurdles.  I was so excited!  I didn't win the race.  But I really didn't care because I had never run that fast before.  My coach came over and said he was sorry I didn't win.  That was it.  I was so angry.  I felt like yelling, "it's not all about winning!".  As you might guess, I was never on a team sport like basketball or volleyball (given I am almost 6 feet tall, that has always surprised people).  I just liked sports for the fun of it.  I never really played to win.  It's wasn't all about winning.  Well, it wasn't for me, but it sure is for a lot of people.   And honestly, there are just a lot of people out there that are better than me so I don't mind letting them shine!

That's my strange introduction for this post.  Because I am not entirely 100% settled about writing this post that is required to entire a competition I would like to win.  Yup, I admit it, I want to win.   So, I would like to go to this conference down in Nashville that is about orphan care.  We don't have any extra money to send me there, but I still want to go.  Because I am a part of supporting orphans and vulnerable children in eastern DRC.  I want to go and learn more and meet other people doing similar work.  I want to try to learn all I can as we try to expand our work to family reunification, resettlement and alternative care.  Now the orphan summit is a lot about adoption, which is great.  But I want to go specifically for the other workshops.  I want to go for this pre-conference workshop-- "Moving Forward: Transitioning, Transforming and Creating New Models of Orphan Care".  This is what we are trying to do with Reeds of Hope.  It is very hard and I really want to learn as much as I can from others that are doing this work, especially connecting with the local church as the orphanage we support is supported by the local church and they really care about the kids.    (There is also a pre-conference workshop by Karen Purvis I would love to attend, her book has really transformed how I parent as an adoptive parent).  And there are some other workshops I would love to attend as well about listening and learning from adult adoptees, and sustainable projects, and moving orphan care around the world (and deinstitutionalizing children).  So, I admit, I would love to be one of the winners of this giveaway.  (And there are probably plenty of others out there that also very much should win too! :)

This picture means a lot to me.  A group of wonderful people gave us the money to build a wall around the orphanage so they could not only keep small livestock and chickens to feed the children, but also grow an amazing garden from which they fed the children beans, corn, cabbages, and other vegetables.  

So, I am writing this post as a part of the Summit 9 Blogger Giveaway.  Check out the details at www.summit9.org.

***There is another giveaway going on here at Millions of Miles.  Please check it out.  Everyone is a winner because all the proceeds are given to Heartline in Haiti and JabuAfrica.  (And yes, ONE person does get to take home a fun vacation package :).***

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havingfunatchelleshouse said...

Love your header picture!! All those babies are just....beautiful!!!! absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for your heart for the orphans...I've poked around a couple of your posts and you have encouraged my heart thank you! I also don't care much about winning in competitions and such but would very much like to win this contest ;-)...but hey I hope YOU win as well!! Prayers and best wished to you!