Saturday, March 2, 2013

Urgent funding needed (first of two emergent needs)

For the past 2 1/2 years or so we have funded the school fees for the 80 (sometimes more) children that have moved out of the orphanage (at age 3-6 years old) and back with their families (or who are in foster care).  These children would not otherwise be sent to school.  Being called an "orphan" (a loose term in that area meaning you lost your mother/parent) means that you often are on the lower end of the priority list when the children in the home are sent to school.  Keep in mind that families in this area of DRC are extremely poor, most are farmers, some are miners, some have no jobs (unemployment rates are very high).  The amazing thing is that because of the Norwegian missionaries commitment to the children that lost their mothers, children for years and years have been sent to school that otherwise would not be sent to school.  Their funding slowed about 5 years ago and 3 years ago we got involved to help meet the gaps in funding.

Funding school fees is something I really believe in for children that are vulnerable and orphaned.  I feel like the ability to go to school can transform a child's life.  Some of the children we are funding are even in the local colleges (going to programs like nursing)!  This is a very exciting project and it is SO important.

We have never had regular funding for school fees (we will be setting up a better structure for this in the upcoming year).  Amazing people have come alongside of us and every trimester the money has come.  Except this one.  So, I putting a plea out there to everyone that reads this blog and to all that care about helping vulnerable children in eastern DRC.  Would you consider any one time donation to help us raise the $1400 we need over the next two weeks to send the children to school (their last trimester of funding)?  If you would like a detailed list of all the children's names and what grades they are in (as well as the exact breakdown of schools and fees) please email me.  For privacy reasons, I won't be posting that information here.

For ease of donations, I'm including a razoo donation button on the right side of the blog.  All donations are tax deductible.  If you don't feel like you can donate, would you be willing to pass this post along to help us raise the fees?  Thank you so much!


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