Tuesday, March 5, 2013

who matters?

The last three days have been humbling and encouraging.  I never anticipated the overwhelming support the school kids would receive when I first put the need out there.  In three days, you have paid the trimester fees for 71 children (primary and secondary students).  There are only 6 children (all in secondary school, fees $22.3-$67) left that still  need their fees paid!  About a month or two ago, I had a discouraging period when I started questioning our work and what we were doing.  Even though I think that is normal in any project for there to be concerns (and hence discouragement), especially in such a challenging context as eastern DRC, I think I forgot "who" in the midst of the "what".  

These 77 students matter.  As the funds have been coming in over the past three days, I have been listing their names off.  Who are they?  I wrote names like Neema (grace), Safari (journey), Aksanti (thank you), Mapendo (beloved), and many more.  They matter.  Everyone of these students matter tremendously.  I'm so humbled that I am one of many of all of you that are sending them that message when we send their school fees, "you matter, you are important, you deserve to go to school, you are important, you are not forgotten, you are loved."  

Thank you for supporting the children of eastern DRC by helping them attend school.  It makes a difference in their lives.  If we raise any funds over the amount we need for this trimester we will apply it for the next trimester in the spring (I know, in my first post, I said this was the final trimester...somehow my American brain didn't wrap my head around trimesters (3 of them) and instead went with semesters!).  

Thank you again.  You can donate through the button on the right side of the blog or here.  

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