Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DRC Adoption Posts

Interested in adopting from Congo?

Pray hard and reconsider. Check out this series of posts-- 

Post #1 (the basics--adoption in DRC) 
Post #2 (what about reunification) 
Post #3 (open international adoption) 
Post #4 (corruption in DRC adoptions & donations to orphanages) 
Post #5 (First, do no harm) 
Post #6 (Questions to ask your agency/organization) 
Post #7 (My take on the current state of DRC adoptions) 
Post #8 (Two essential ways to increase your chance of an ethical adoption in DRC) 
Post #9 (The "exit letter"/DGM/bribes-- where I argue that paying ANY money to DGM is a bribe) 
Post #10 (Again/embassy updates--investigate, investigate, investigate) 
Post #11 (Breaking down agency costs in DRC--yes, the details!) 
Post #12 (Interview w/ DRCAS and OFA) 
Post #13 (Another big reason why searching for your child's first ("birth") family is essential, "Why nothing may mean everything").  
Post #14  (Nothing occurs in isolation: thoughts on the most recent DGM 12 month exit visa suspension, October 2013)
Post #15  (More on the 12 month DGM suspension; foster care fees, investigations and my opinion on starting an adoption in DRC right now) 
Post #16  (The three most important documents in your DRC adoption.  Do you have your DGM exit letter?)
Post #17 (Orphanage donations, child finder fees, social services fees, and referral fees in IA/DRC)

*My story about what I learned in facilitating adoptions and why I was convicted to stop and instead work on family reunification, family support, and alternative care. And part two.  Summing it up: What I believe about international adoption (finding the courage to keep speaking out).

DRC Family Code posts (Congo Adoption Law)-- #1, #2, #3, #4.  May 2009 Supplement is found hereThis is adoption law in DRC; very interesting stuff that I bet your agency never told you, certainly mine never told me!  And it explains why the birth family may understand "adoption" in a completely different way than we do in the U.S.    Why I took the time to do it in the first place and why you must have a DGM exit letter in your possession (and the three most important documents to your adoption in DRC).  

Advocacy--My opinion on writing letters to our senators, especially on behalf of campaigns like Both Ends Burning.  Do your research and consider writing your own letter.   Certainly don't sign letters that don't contain facts and that use manipulation tactics. Why I won't support CHIFF.  I agree with the PEAR statement on the proposed CHIFF act.  It can be found here.   I agree with the PEAR statement on the documentary STUCK.  It can be found here.    An open letter to BEB regarding their DRC campaign.

Hague Accreditation--Does it mean your agency must act more ethically in a country like DRC who is not a signatory on the Hague?  And what does it mean when you have a problem with your agency?   A series of three guest posts starting here.  

A link up with other internationally adopting parents who are talking about ethics, justice, and truth in their adoptions.  

Guest posts from DRC adoptive parents-- 

#1 "Adoption ethics and orphanage care" 
#2 "Filling in the blanks" 
#3 "Should we even be adopting children" (Maison L'Espoir) 
#4 "Not my problem" 
#5 "What happened" (OWAS)  (A follow up one year later and further analysis on OWAS) 
#6 "An option you didn't know existed: Open International Adoption" 
#7 "Parent voice in addressing ethical concerns in International adoption: Haiti and DRC" (DRC:MLJ)
#8  "Why culture and context cannot be the scapegoat for corruption in IA" 
#9 "Sharing our experiences with AAS"

(Do you want to share a guest post about your experience adopting from DRC? Please feel free to contact me.)

Interested in reading more about ethics in international adoption?  Please check out the following blog posts from writers around the world.

Livesay {Haiti} Weblog (Haiti):  http://livesayhaiti.blogspot.com/p/adoption.html

Scooping it up (Ethiopia):  http://scoopingitup.blogspot.com/p/considering-ethiopian-international-or.html 

Family Hope Love (Uganda):  http://www.familyhopelove.com/adoptingfromuganda/

Africa's Melodie (Liberia):  http://africazmelodie.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-international-adoption-enigma-how.html

Gracelings (Ethiopia):  http://www.gracelings.org/2013/10/a-practical-guide-to-improving-ethics.html  

My Fascinating Life (a series of three wonderful posts "map of adoption ethics"):  http://my--fascinating--life.blogspot.com/2011/10/wall-map-of-adoption-ethics-according.html

Interested in the alternative options for in-country care?  Please check out the following articles and posts:

This information has been put into a separate post.  Please find it here


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