Monday, April 8, 2013

DRC Family Code (DRC adoption law)

I had the Family Code for DRC translated into english so I could read it myself (the original is in French and was much too complicated for my simple french skills).  I am going to share parts of it over the next couple weeks.  The Family Code addresses some different topics, but it is mostly the laws of adoption in DRC.

Today, I want to share Article 678 from the Code:

"The adoptee retains his/her ties with his/her birth family.  His/her descendants have ties with the adoptive family and with the family of origen."

I was extremely surprised to read this in the Code.  I had NO idea that anything about maintaining connections with family of origins would be there.  I had already believed this was extremely important, but now I know it is also DRC law.

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Elisabeth said...

There were some other things I found surprising as well! And the way in-laws and relatives are obligate to support each other when one is in need. "Zairian" law is interesting!