Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a review (of my most recent trip to DR Congo)

I've been sitting on this post for over a week now.  I can't quite find the words to write.  I decided today that I will just write the few that come to mind and show you lovely, hopeful faces in place of the many words that are somewhere holed up in my heart.

Overall, the trip went amazingly well.  I was blessed to have a woman join me in my travels.  She had followed my blog for awhile and we had been in contact a year or so ago.  She wrote to me and asked me if she could come.  After trying to scare her off (you know, by saying that I am not responsible for what could happen to her in eastern DRC), I realized she wasn't scared off and really wanted to come.  I said yes.  I'm so glad I did!  She was such a great help and it was so nice to have a friend (as she became!) to join me on my journey.  We were just talking last night and we agreed that the trip had been so fast that it's hard to believe we were in eastern DRC two weeks ago, walking on dusty streets (it's dry season there and very dusty), taking taxies around town, sitting in meetings, playing with children, visiting heroes, and generally experiencing (and enjoying) eastern DRC.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on the trip, Marcia!

Marcia, babies just kept showing up around her while she sat there!

Overall, the kids all looked good.  Only one or two of the infants looked malnourished, the rest appeared in good health and well nourished.  The orphanage looked well taken care of and there were some improvements since I had been there which were encouraging to see.  




We felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of small children (infants and toddlers) there were and what an insurmountable task it is to take care of so many and do it well.  And I realized how we really need to make it a priority to hire more mamas to care for the children.  

A little overwhelming!  

Greeting old friends.  There are no words to describe that moment for me.

I appreciate the amazing women who care for the children at the orphanage.  And it was so very good to see them again.  Their job is not easy and in addition to providing physical care they become the mothers for them as well.  This is a precious photo to me.  In it, the women are looking at photos of children that were adopted over the past 3 years.  They were thrilled to see those photos and know the children are doing well.  The photos will also be given to the families of the children.  In the background are donations we received.  Fleece footed pajamas, bottles and much needed bumbo seats.  Thank you to all those who donated.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go back to DRC.  I am left humbled by the people and the country and grateful for an opportunity to have a small part in the incredible work the congolese are doing to help the vulnerable children in their midst.  

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Lana said...

I have tears running down my cheeks. Such beauty captured amidst such a challenging reality. xoxo Lana

Anonymous said...

Huge smiles here in Charm City. Incredible to see after "just
yesterday" talking about this trip around the dinner table with MMM. Want to find a chance to hear about what you couldn't capture here. - RAH

Mary Hoyt said...

i want more, more deatils - will connect soon - SOO happy you got to g o and SO with I could have ben there with you - hooray for a traveling buddy!!!