Saturday, July 13, 2013

Changes (Moving back to Africa)

In a little over one month we are moving back to Africa.  My husband has almost finished his degree and after an extensive (and exhausting) job hunt, we decided on a job in Mwanza, Tanzania.  We had hoped to live overseas in Africa again, but we didn't realize it would be this soon.  It seems our time in the U.S. will have been short (only two years). 

Mike will be doing development work, like he has for many years.  We are excited to get back to Africa and especially to be living in Tanzania.  There are many reasons for this and why it is a great decision for our family right now, but there are also some personal reasons why I am excited, the being that I miss living in Africa, specifically central/eastern Africa. 

I really want to learn Swahili.  I have no particular gift at learning languages and have found that living where the language is spoken encourages me to not give up in the language learning process.  Our girls' Congolese family speak Swahili and not French and communication with them has been hard.  I would love for the girls to learn their first language.  That would be a gift. 

Mwanza is on the bottom of Lake Victoria and the climate is very similar to where we lived in eastern DRC (and we were on a lake there too).  It is an area with more security and infrastructure so the practical aspects of life will be much easier.  There is also a much larger ex-pat family group which will be great as well.  Natalie is very excited that her school will be English speaking and not french speaking. 

Mwanza is actually pretty close to eastern DRC (all things considered).  I am REALLY excited about this because when I was in DRC last month I realized I really need to visit our programs more often and be on the ground more.  This move will enable me to do so.  And I miss DR Congo all the time.  It's pretty amazing that we will be so close.  On the map below if you find Mwanza at the bottom of the lake and then you go directly west, you will see Bukavu!

This is a brief and there is a lot more to the story about the move, what we are looking forward to, and everything that has to get done in the next month (which is a lot and very overwhelming).  We are looking forward to visiting friends and family in the states before our move.  We are doing our best not to even think about the flight over there with the four kids. 

I am soaking up every minute of every last day here.  Trying to be very present and appreciate what we been given. 


Jess said...

Please tell me you will continue to blog about the DRC orphanage as well as your life from Tanzania?!

Katie said...

You will feel like your still living in 1st world conditions compared to DRC. That is such exciting news! Seems you and I both were made for the African lifestyle

Katie Ganshert said...

WOW, Holly, so excited for you and your family!

T & T Livesay said...

so awesome!

Katie Jay said...

Sounds like an adventure.

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