Monday, July 29, 2013

on sentamentality and screaming like a girl (oh, and super heroes!)

I'm surrounded by boxes and a million things left to pack, sort, clean, trash, organize.  What am I doing?  Eating chocolate, wasting spending time on the computer, and admiring the view from my window.   I've decided having surgery in the middle of a giant move and then not being able to lift for the two weeks you are supposed to be packing the house is enormously discouraging and frustrating.  And that can lead to anxiety and feeling extremely overwhelmed.  Which can lead to lots of tears ice cream and dark chocolate, comedy movies, and happy ever after ending type books.  Which all lead to happiness and ones house magically packing itself.  I wish.  However.  Here are two genuinely humorous moments the last couple days.

First off, and this will be short, I really DO have to get some work done, the container is coming in 3 days and my house looks like this (literally, I just took this picture and this is what it looks like from the chair I am sitting in right now):


I've always known I was sentamental and just a bit of a hoarder (just a tiny bit).  This was more than apparent in my mind when I found two old t-shirts from my days of backpacking.  Once, a long time ago I helped lead 12 day backpacking trips into the high peaks of the Adirondacks.  A long time ago.  And I always wore the same t-shirts.  Over and over again.  And I kept them.  You would think they were awesome and so very cool, right?  Uh, no.  They were dark blue, nondescript and faded by sweat and dirt (basically totally gross).  And I kept them it seems, and just found them.  I suppose I must have kept them for old time's sake, you know?   Yup, I have a serious problem.

I did throw them out when I found them a couple days ago.  Though I suppose I can admit they didn't make it into the trash bag.  They are in the yard sale pile.  Because someone will want them, right?  I mean, really, you can't put a piece of something that signifies the blood, sweat, and tears of your youth in the trash?  I mean, literally, they are priceless.  I'm sure someone will agree!

Two,  the other night my mom (who was a saint and came out to help us pack over the weekend-  from Oregon) and I were watching a movie (because that is what you do when you are overwhelmed by how much needs to be done).  Mike had gone out with some friends.  I heard something in the kitchen.  Chewing.  I figured it was the neighbor dog (I had left the door open and he can walk through the screen and is always welcome in our home), but the chewing sounded more like rustling and that seemed a bit odd.  I sort of crept down and then went into the dining room. I immediately did not see the dog.  But I saw stuff moving in the corner.  I admit it:  I stood on a chair and reached over and turned on the light.  Then I saw it.  A fluffy white tail.  And then a black and white body.  There was a skunk IN MY HOUSE!   My next amazing move?  I screamed like a girl (like my 6 year old to be exact), ran (screaming) out of the house, calling the name of my neighbor (who are also friends of ours) as loud as I could.  (Thinking all the while I was yelling my head off--if that skunk sprays in my house the week we are packing it to move to Africa, I will just...I don't know what, do something very drastic).  Yup.  It was my most glorious moment.  While my mom and I stood on the chairs (yes, we were not scared at all), he calmly informed me that he looked young and that skunks were really very nice and that it was totally okay and yes, he then somehow magically herded that skunk out the door.

As you can see, he is calmly leaving the house.  No big deal.  If you are a superhero maybe.

Uh, yes, I'm pretty sure he is a super hero.  Actually I think both he and his wife are secret super heroes considering some of her hunting stories (if you know her, you should ask her).

So, the moral of the stories?  I hang onto stuff WAY to much and the only person that I can fault for the current predicament I find myself in tonight is myself because most of the stuff I have to go through is mine.  And, I'm pretty much NOT a super hero but I consider myself pretty lucky to have lived next to two of them for the past year.  (Oh, actually, my mom is a super hero too.  Pretty sure even when I am not recovering from surgery, she is way stronger than me.)

On that note, I'm off to pack.  Or to eat more chocolate.

Last photo--I couldn't make myself put these in the yard sale pile.  Until...I took a photo of them.  They were Natalie's first crocs.  (Insert...ohhhhh....with a sigh and a small tear.) 

And now truly, I will sign off and go do something very important.  


Anonymous said...

love love love love...your words and you all. hoping for a glimpse of you in dc. sorry i'm not there to pack... - Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Too funny and I would do the same with the skunk part because they seem to have a particular fondness for spraying my dogs...and if I see one in the back yard dogs have to wait forever...