Thursday, August 8, 2013

Their strong and beautiful faces (sending children to school and my 400th post all in one!)

The three sweet boys pictured above came one summer during the day to help play with the little ones at the orphanage.  They lived in the orphanage when they were little and then went back to their families once they were 5 years old.  We support them still by paying their school fees.

Providing children with school fees is one of the most important things we do.  It gives children an opportunity and a chance for a better more hopeful future.  It also empowers them and gives them choices.  Only 20% of children in DRC attend secondary school (high school).  Many of the children we support are not only going to grade school, but high school and some are going to local colleges! 

The photos below are of some the older school children we support.  The photos inspire me because of their haunting beauty, courage, and strength.  Life in eastern DRC as an "orphan" can be extremely difficult.  Giving the girls and boys that used to live in the orpphanage the opportunity to attend school changes their lives. 

This is my 400th post.  It is fitting it is about sending children to school because I love this part of our work so much.  (The other very important work we want to be doing is supporting families to keep their children through training, support, and micro finance.  More on that in the days ahead.)  We have 50 more children that need their school fees funded.  Please consider helping us by sending them to school (average of $18/child for the first trimester).  Links to paypal are on the right or on our home page of our website-  (Or you can sign up to sponsor a child for a full year on our website.)

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