Monday, September 2, 2013

For Carrie.

Carrie, over at More Love Mama, nominated me for a Leibster award.  I had no idea what that was, so I had to go look.  I'm still not very savvy as it comes to anything media related (blogs included).  But anyway, I thought it was so sweet that she reads and likes my blog so I wanted to at least attempt to answer some of her questions.  Oh, and another lovely thing about Carrie is that she is creative and talented in the sewing department (as close as I have come to knowing how to sew is the one time I took a class to learn how to make a quilt because my mom had bought me a sewing machine instead of the drill I had asked for that Christmas.).  And she once sent my little girls some dolls that she had made.  Her are some photos of them with the dolls.  They loved them!

Check out her store and all the awesome things she makes in her spare (um, she has six kids, so she must be another super hero) time.   So, here go the questions she wants me to answer--

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  Chocolate Obsession by Soy Delicious.  Yummmm!  ( I can't eat lactose.)
2. Do you have any special skill that most people don't know about?
Hm, I can play the oboe.  Does that count?  I can lead people into the wilderness for 12 days and we won't die.  Maybe that sounds better? 
3. What was the song or movie that defined your high school years?
That would be Dirty Dancing.  Wait, that wasn't high school.  Huh.   
4. If I had time to read one book this year what would you recommend?
 Cold Sassy Tree.  Fun, touching, and makes you laugh (and maybe cry).  
5. What is your secret guilty pleasure?
Musicals.  Any and all.  
6. What is your best parenting tip?
Don't compare yourself to anyone else.  As a wise friend of mine once told me, "comparison is from the pit of hell."  Go with your gut, give yourself some grace, love your kids, and just keep going.  It will all get better. 
7. What famous person do you have a crush on?
 John Cusack. 
8. Mountains or beach?
9. What is the coolest gift you've ever received?
 My grandpa sent me a huge box that was full of boxes of crackers my freshman year in college.  He was worried I would be hungry.  
10. What is something that is different about your life than you expected it to be?
Congo.  I never even thought I would travel when I was in college, I wanted to work in the rural U.S.  I even managed to do a MPH without taking one international health course.  I never expected I would take my baby and move to eastern DRC with my husband.  Never. 
11. If money were no object and you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do?
I would build a family care center in eastern DRC for at-risk vulnerable families and children, so that children would never be separated from those that love them and I would partner with organizations that work in maternal health care so that mothers never die in birth from preventable causes.  And I would support grass-roots peace building projects in eastern DRC to end the years of war and upheaval. 

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Brian said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! We have more in common than I ever realized :) And my answer to number 11 is almost exactly the same as yours!