Saturday, September 28, 2013

Listening to the rain fall

I have been silent here for a couple weeks.  I suppose the biggest reason is that I am recovering from surgery still, but a smaller reason is that I don't know what to publish.  I write a lot, but they sit in draft form.

It's raining here.  I love the sound of rain.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  Rain means home.

Here are some things I have been reading:

Stories of hope and love in Kenya.  This post from MaraSafari.
There are big tragedies in this world, and it’s easy to feel scared and helpless.  Take a stand against the chaos, and you protect that quiet gentle part of your heart that can die a little with each horror.  The good news is that love wins:  a thousand acts of quiet compassion are more powerful than the headlines.
Stories of a different sort of "rehoming".  The really good kind.  The most beautiful kind.  The kind we should be celebrating and working towards all over the world.  From this blog:  Pearl to be found.
When I did learn how to see the bigger world all around me I saw that these children I thought of as dirty and poor were actually really happy. They had freedom to run around all day. They took on household chores and felt proud of themselves for being an active member of the family. They were loved and cared for by parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and older siblings. There were always friends to play with.
When I saw these kids go home I saw them transform in the same way I’d seen kids transform when adopted internationally. I realized that a family is a family wherever you go and that what kids needs way more than nice clothes or TVs is love.
I also realized that I defined poverty way to narrowly. I looked at a family and saw that their possessions were limited and labeled them poor. Now I look at a family and I see that their love is overflowing and I label them as rich.
Rage against the Minivan had a great post about Orphan Care.  It is close to home because Reeds of Hope works with an orphanage and I strongly believe our work must include family reunification and limited time in an orphanage setting, otherwise we shouldn't be working with orphanages.

The changing face of pornography (the article is excellent, everything else on the site is fairly offensive)  and why we should pay attention because it affects us all.  I am a health care provider and I work with children and teens.  I care about this issue.  We need to start talking to our children before they are teenagers about internet pornography and how easily it can be accessed and viewed.  We need to talk about the dangers, about addiction, and about how it can affect their futures.  A good resource for more information is:

This post by Jamie the Very Worst Missionary.  (I don't think she would mind she follows the pornography article since that is how I first saw the link.)  I appreciated this two post series on her thoughts on World Vision and child sponsorship in general.  I liked the encouragement she gives to try to give in ways that not only resonate with your on a deeper level but also that we make educated decisions about how we give and why we give. 

I'm going to make a goal of posting once a day until I leave the states.  Check back in! 

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