Monday, October 28, 2013

Magical moments in daily life

Magical moments occur everyday all the time.  You know, those moments that make you hold your breath and wish time would stand still for just that minute.  Those moments when you try to hold every part of the experience deep within your soul, when you try to remember even how the breath of air felt on your bare arms.  Those moments?  Well, I've had many lately and two I'll share this morning.  They may seem insignificant and quiet in the scheme of "grand moments" but to me, they took my breath away for their peace and joy they brought. 

Last night, at twilight, I happened to be standing outside.  I noticed the guard staring up at the sky which brought my eyes also towards the sky.  We watched at least 100 (maybe more) large birds of prey flying above us, calling loudly and riding the breezes.  They would continually land in the branches of the swaying trees near us.  They were so large and so close.  The sky was almost black, but with enough light to make it a faint grey.  They were outlined in big silhouettes, wings wide as they soared and gently landed thin green tips of trees.  Amazing.

Then this morning, as we were driving Ellie to school (her three sisters had been dropped off already at their school) she had her window rolled down and she was watching every little detail as we drove with rapt attention.  All of a sudden, she called out "oh, she is so beautiful, Mommy".  This is the second time in as many days that she has commented on a Tanzanian woman walking down the street as we drove along the road.  When she has called to me with awe in her voice, "she is so so beautiful".  Yes she is, sweet girl, just like you.  She is beautiful just like you.

We are so blessed to be giving our girls the gift of living in Tanzania.  Though this picture is from this summer in the states, it is a sweet one of the four girls.  Mia and Ellie are in the center.  I'm so thankful we live in a place where almost everyone looks like them and they don't stand out because of their skin color (where I do instead), where they can go to school and most of their classmates look just like them.  I don't know how long we will live here, but the magical moments that occur because of our life here are ones I will cherish for them and myself and I will thank God for every day. 

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