Thursday, October 3, 2013

simple things

One of my daughters giving me a flower.

My favorite quote from yesterday's post is below.  I love how Kupenda's work focuses on changing hearts towards love for children that were rejected and it is done within existing community structures and churches.  And then it continues to spread by those impacted by the message.  Simple things that were once taboo,like being accepted and taken to church, become a beautiful part of life again.  I am challenged to consider ways we can also be a part of working alongside our Congolese friends to change hearts and minds to accept children that are sometimes rejected by their families. It's really the best kind of story.  
"We also work with the parents/guardians of these children to encourage them to be more involved in their children’s lives.  Kupenda leads many outreach activities and the families see how much their children are benefitting from schooling.  Many are now contributing what they can to their children’s needs and showing much more involvement in their children’s lives.  Some parents have started support groups for other parents of children with disabilities.  One father literally walks throughout the rural villages (very difficult for our small staff to reach) looking for other families with children who have disabilities telling them about their value and where they should go to school.  Additionally, local churches have started programs to reach out to the communities of the children we support to teach the biblical responsibility to care for them.  We are seeing giant changes in community attitude and quality of life for these beautiful children because we did not remove them from their society."

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Laurie said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of her is so perfect. I miss her immensely generous spirit so, so much. What a dear, sweet heart.