Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Updates on the children we support and prayer for Abeli.

Today I received further updates on the children we support that live in the orphanage.  Information like how tall they are, how much their head circumference measures, what stage of development they are at, and what is their overall temperament.  We also received information about how many times their family has visited and when they were hospitalized or been sick.  I thought I would post some more photos of the older children we have been supporting.  I would also ask for prayer (for those of you that pray) for one of the youngest ones, he has been frequently sick (and hospitalized three times) and is not gaining weight.  He is very vulnerable right now. His name is Abel, or Abeli.  Right now he is six months old and weighs 7 lbs. 

Sweet Abeli in September.  

Siblings Chance and Benjamin are doing well.  Chance is starting to attend a school nearby the orphanage and I'm so excited for her.  Some of you may wonder about the older children in the orphanage, why are they still there or why can't they be adopted if the family doesn't want to come get them.  This sweet sibling pair is not eligible for international adoption and the only option they have is to either be reunited with their father or find alternative care in country.  Children like these two are ones we want to help.  They should and need to begin the process of reunification or alternative care.



Rachel Sanasana and Shagayo Antoinette moved home to live with their families.  I love these two photos of them.  (They are not related). 

My brother with Shagayo (she is on the right) who has a big smile.  She was always smiling and playing whenever we visited.  A little girl full of happiness despite her circumstances.  I'm so thankful she lives with her family now, I know she will be a warm light in their lives.

All the mamas (and Shagayo!) cheering Rachel on as she took her first steps!

Writing about Shagoyo brings up a very important point.  We still support Shagayo!  Often, when children move back to their families, the family has a difficult time paying for the school fees of the child who has just moved back home.  We pay those school fees.  Shagayo is now listed under available children who need  a sponsor ($15/month).  Paying school fees is one of the most important things we do at Reeds of Hope.  Many of the children are now in secondary school, some are in university.  This is one important way of breaking the cycles of extreme poverty, especially for those that are most vulnerable (children who have lost their mothers).  Second trimester school fees will be due in the next month and a half.  We will start fundraising for those soon.  Some of the children have sponsors, but most do not.  So right now we fundraiser for the bulk of the school fees every trimester so that the children can all remain in school even if they don't have a sponsor right now.  Our manager on the ground will be visiting the school children over the next month. 

I'll sign off by sharing a few more photos from the recent update.  We get photos every few months or so (sometimes more often).  I am finally finding the time to upload them all into the sponsors accounts. 



Bertin, always with a smile!

Ah, handsome Gloire. 

Interested in joining our work?  You can give a one time donation on the right side of this blog through paypal (or a recurring donation).  We have 11 children that need sponsors who live at the orphanage ($25/month).  You can go to our website here to sponsor one of them.  Interested in sponsoring a school aged child?  We have 69 children that need sponsors.  You can go here on our website to learn more about sponsoring an older child ($15/month).  Thank you!!

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Julie www.aboutourhouse.blogspot.com said...

Oh, I adore these sweet children. I can't believe how big Gloire and Bertin how gotten. I am praying for Abel and for all of these precious kiddos!