Monday, December 30, 2013

Days old

There has been a lot on my heart lately.  Often it feels like a burden, but one that I wouldn't cast off.  Burdened for those that suffer and struggle alone.  Those that are small or weak in body, that are caught up in nightmares with no seeming way out.  Injustices that are small and others that are big, that leave so many feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and discouraged. 

Yesterday, I talked with some friends in eastern DRC.  More babies have arrived at the orphanage we support.  One is only 2 days old.  More women dying in child birth.   I hear stories of friends caught in very hard circumstances, children waiting to join their families, mothers weeping for their little ones.  Some days, it feels like too much.

Our family celebrates Christmas, the birth of Jesus.  A small light born in the darkness, full of promise.  Often, when I see the love we show each other and the ways we keep optimism and hope close in our hearts, I think the light shines even brighter.  The promise is easier to hear when we reach out and come beside each other, especially those that are suffering.   

We have certain dreams at Reeds of Hope.  Dreams of supporting families in eastern DRC.  A mother dies.  A small newborn is carried in the arms of her father, to the only place that takes in newborns and gives them formula.  A small hope.  A broken heart.  Our dreams have grand aspirations.  They are of meeting fathers and other family members before a newborn baby is even brought to an orphanage.  To keep the baby with her family.  To help them care for their baby.  Our dreams are of babies that are left at the orphanage being regularly visited by their fathers and other family members. We dream of babies moving home before they are one year old, given quality care while they are in emergency care at the orphanage. 

Would you consider helping keep our dreams alive?  There are so many ways we can help keep families intact and reunite children with their families in DRC.  Right now, all of our monthly budget is sent to support the orphanage (with the exception of school children sponsorships we are grateful to have right now), the biggest part of it is in formula costs. 

There are now 49 children at the orphanage we support, most are babies.  Thank you for the support you continue to give us.  Thank you for helping a light of hope shine for the babies, children, and their families we support in eastern DRC.

Abwine, one of the many babies we support.  She weighs 5 1/2 lbs. 

If you are interested in supporting our work, there are paypal links to the right of this blog.  If you would like to learn more about the work we are doing in eastern DRC, please visit our website at  On our website you may also choose to sponsor a baby or toddler (or child under 6 years old) at the orphanage we support or one of the 60+ school aged children that used to live in the orphanage and are now in homes.  We pay for their school fees, uniforms, and notebooks every year.  Thank you!   

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