Thursday, January 9, 2014

Current updated needs with Reeds of Hope (and a brief overview of our work)

Good morning from Tanzania everyone!

We have so much going on at Reeds of Hope these days.  We are committed to helping children find their families (and short term quality care while they wait) through reunification efforts though family support (or alternative care when they can't be placed back in their homes).  We are committed to coming alongside those that are already caring for children in a permanent way in their homes.  We believe children should attend school as one way to help break the cycle of poverty that often entraps vulnerable children and their families.  This is such exciting and valuable work.

Chiza (Family Bethlehem)

Briefly here is how this is practically happening in the ground through our work in eastern DRC through our two projects:  Save the Children orphanage and school children AND our new partnership, Family Bethlehem

1.  How we are committed to helping children find their families (or alternative care if they can't be reunited with their families)?

We are in the transition phase with our work at the Save the Children Orphanage.  There are two real needs of RoH before we can move out of this transition phase to actively work in reunification work.  We have some great assessment tools and training materials that will be translated into french.  One, we need to complete our fundraising for a motorcycle for our on ground staff.  We are hopeful this might be completed at the end of this month.  Two, we need to continue to fund raise for the salary of a social worker and his or her training.  We have some committed regular funding but still have a ways to go in this area.  

We provide quality care to the children waiting in the orphanage by providing all the formula needs for the babies, fortified milk powder for the older children, and staff to care for the children.  

Family Bethlehem has been doing reunification work for about 30 years and needs more comprehensive support and training to continue to do this for the children in their home that are only there for temporary care or that could be reunited with their family.

2.   How are we coming alongside those that are already caring for children permanently in their home?  

We are starting a new partnership with Family Bethlehem.  Mama Sifa and Papa Jerome have been caring for children that have lost their families for 30 years.  Most they have offered a permanent family solution, some they have helped reunite with their families and others they have found alternative permanent homes within their communities.  As years of insecurity continue they have more and more children that need their assistance and their own ability to care for so many children on their own has dwindled.  We are coming alongside their work to offer them support.

3.  How do we help children attend school?

We support the school fees of 82 children that once lived at the Save the Children Orphanage and who now live with their families in eastern DRC.  Many are attending through secondary school in their own communities.  Through our support of Family Bethlehem we will also be contributing school fees of the children that live in the Family Bethlehem homes (of which there are two).

Chombo (one of the many school children we support)

How can you help?  General one time donations are needed during this time that would be used towards all the different projects listed above.  Sponsors for the babies and small children in the Save the Children Orphanage.  Sponsors for our school children that used to live in the Save the Children Orphanage.  Sponsors to hire a social worker.  And once changes have been made to our website over the next couple of weeks, we will need sponsors for Family Bethlehem.  If this work is close to your heart, would you consider giving?  Or sharing our work with friends or family?  Or doing a fundraiser that would support the children and their families in eastern DRC?

Bruno (Save the Children Orphanage)

Please visit our website at  Thank you for the ongoing support!


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