Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Isla!

Isla turned 5 years old last month.  She reminds me that she promised me she would stop growing at age 7 and live with me forever, but she's not there yet (though I have to admit that the other day she threw a raging tantrum and screamed "I'm going to grow up and move away and NEVER visit you again!").  Two years ago I wrote this post when she turned three years old.  I commented there that she had a bit of a "princess" problem going on (more of a problem for us than her, really).  Well, she is still the princess of the family.  For whatever reason, all five of us think we should do her bidding anytime and no matter what the demand. 

She wanted us to turn her into a fairy for her birthday.


I decided that now that she is five, I had to let her know the very sad sad fact that she actually is not the only star in the sky, but there are many, including her other sisters.  Pretty sure she growled at me.  Overall, I would say she is very much her own little person.  She continues to be laid back (on her terms).  She doesn't get anxious very often and is always willing to join into something new or different, like when she moved to Tanzania with her dad and Aunt Sara and started a brand new school while I was in the States having surgery. 

She loves to have buddy "special time" with Mia and Ellie (though only one at a is actually quite challenging for them to get along when there are three of them!).  She tries her hardest to manipulating them into whatever she wants them to do.  Though she is their size, she likes to assert her elderly status over them.  She loves to threaten them with "well, then you will not be my buddy anymore!  Though you are still my sister".  This will cause Mia to dissolve into tears and she will often acquiesce to whatever Isla wants.  Ellie, she just says "fine" and goes and plays with Natalie. 

Her biggest fan (beside us) is her big sister, Natalie.  For whatever reason, Natalie has just always had a big soft spot for Isla even before she was born.  She used to whisper to my pregnant belly "come out Isla, I want to play with you."  When Isla falls apart and no one can make it better, Natalie can.  When she is scared, she calls for Natalie.  When she falls down, Natalie picks her up and carries her.  When they flew to Tanzania Natalie let her sleep with her head in her lap.  There is something about big sisters...

On the flight to Tanzania

Natalie teaching Isla how to play chess. 

She has a very vivid imagination and has been known to scare her friends on play dates with her elaborate stories of monsters, ghosts, mummies, and ways the characters die. (Last year, she came home with a skull painted on her face.  She was four.)  I'm convinced she is going to be some kind of novelist that writes thrillers one day.  She gets so involved in stories that she sometimes can't figure out what is "real" and what is "pretend".  One night, she told Mike (her dad) that she was going to turn him into a dragon.  He then pretended to be a dragon.  She was terrified and wouldn't stop screaming until I came into the room to confirm that he wasn't actually a "real" dragon. 

We love you Isla!  And are so grateful for the sweet gift you are to us.  

Isla and Mia

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