Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Resources and links to learn more about family reunification, family support and alternative care models of support. (How to best help an orphanage.)

Everyone that has been reading my blog for the past few years will know that I believe orphanages harm children and that instead of building new ones we should be looking for ways to support families in keeping their children.  You also know that I believe that if you do support an orphanage, it should have a clear plan for how the children will be in their care short term (under a year, ideally less than 9 months) and that should be accomplished through quality care while comprehensive social work works on family assessment and/or alternative care for each child.  If this is not in place and the orphanage is unwilling to work on these models, then I believe you should not support that orphanage.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about family reunification, family support and alternative care models, I would recommend the following sites and resources.  Please take the time to really study and learn about good practice models that have been implemented throughout Africa.  This will be an ongoing post, so I will update it as I learn about more information or programs.  And please comment below if you know of good programs that support this work and I will add them if it looks like they fit the alternate care framework model.  If you are interested in chatting more about this, I would love to talk.  My email is at the top right of this blog.  Thank you-this is exciting work!


1.  Better Care Network

"The website is a vital source of information for people working on issues related to children who lack adequate family care. The website library contains over 1200 research, policy and program resources related to the care and protection of vulnerable children." 

2.  Alternative Care Framework

"This campaign is a government and civil society partnership to promote family preservation, reunification and a rights-based alternative care system for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda."


1.  Child's i Foundation

"Child’s i Foundation believes children should grow up in families, not orphanages.
We've proved it's possible to find families for abandoned children instead of placing them into long-term care in Uganda. Our ambition is to share and replicate our project so every child across the globe can grow up in a family." 

2.  The Abide Family Center

"We seek to decrease the number of children living in institutional care in Uganda by providing alternative solutions to families caring for orphans and other vulnerable children. We do not believe poverty should be the reason children are raised by orphanages instead of families"

3.  Thrive

"Thrive is a non-profit organization that provides economic empowerment and social support to vulnerable families and their children, thereby strengthening families and communities so that they can raise, educate and nurture their own children as well as the orphaned and the vulnerable"

4.  Bring Love In

"Creating new families from widows and orphans in Ethiopia"

Ushindi.  Children belong with their families, not in orphanages.

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