Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Photos telling stories

Our manager is busy traveling all over to remote villages in mountains to visit the school children we support.  I'm so very excited about this because we have had limited photos and updates over the years because we didn't have the funds to buy a motorcycle.  Well, through some generous donations we were finally able to do so!  Here are a couple of the schools that the children we support attend.  Pretty simple and remote.  And beautiful.

I love some of the smiling faces on the children!  I hear many stories from our manager on their struggles and extreme poverty they face; he has been sharing that many are often too hungry to attend school.  He is really hoping we can do more to help their families than only school fees.  I'm very proud of all the secondary students we are sending to school.  Did you know that in DRC attendance rates in secondary school are less than 20%?  (Visit our website to read more about school attendance in DRC.)  These boys and girls are my heroes.   These pictures tell so many stories of strength and resilience.

Finally, I wanted to end on a very special photo.  Our manager sends us photos of the children at the orphanage every three months.  However, lately he has been sending them every month!  Which is great fun to have so many updated pictures of the little ones we support.  This month the photo below popped up.  A father visiting his daughter at the orphanage.  Lovely. 

We want to support fathers in eastern DRC.  We want to help them care for their children and bring them home.  Children should be living with their families, not in orphanages.  www.reedsofhope.org

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