Monday, June 16, 2014

Visiting school children on the high plateau in eastern DRC. We love our work!

Over the past couple of days, I have been receiving field notes from our Reeds of Hope manager from his recent trip to visit the school children we support.  The children we support attend a total of 31 schools spread all over the territory.  All the children have lost either their mother or father (most have lost their mothers).  They used to live in the orphanage as babies and now live with their families.  Some are in very remote locations in the mountains of eastern DRC (South Kivu); there are areas in the high plateaus that are 1600 meters high (almost one mile).  Here are some of his recent notes from his trip.  Thankfully he is now home safe with his family.

The other day I went up to the high plateau which is very high up in the mountains.  The road was very steep and very rough.  I had a difficult time getting up there on the motorcycle and the climb was very hard on the the motorcycle.  Because of the strain of the ride, as I was coming down the chain broke and damaged the engine.  There was no reception and no one around.  I had to leave the motorcycle and go look for people to help.  I finally found two people who helped me push the motorcycle to Kaziba.  We had a very difficult time pushing the motorcycle up the hills but very thankful that we made it to Kaziba.

This part of the trip was to visit these two students, brother and sister! They were worth it!

Our manager is doing an incredible job working to visit these children and get glimpses into their lives and stories.  Many are living in extreme poverty and we are thankful we can help their families send them to school.  We are so proud of their tenacity and courage! They have indomitable spirits.  Here are photos from another part of the journey to visit another student at another school. 


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Mary Hoyt said...

fabulous pics. wow. pushing a motorcycle for miles on those paths! amazing! and hooray for kids going to school!