Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School fees for the children living in the mountains of eastern DRC (and a giveaway)

As children return to school all around the world this month, the children we support in eastern DRC are hopeful to return as well.  Every trimester we raise the funds for the students that currently do not have sponsors to attend school.  We want to make sure that there aren't any students that cannot attend due to lack of school fees.

We have been supporting these children for 4 years to attend school.  Almost all of the children were left at the orphanage as infants and then reunited with their families.  Most have extremely poor families that cannot afford to send their children to school.  Our Reeds of Hope manager on the ground pays the fees directly to the schools and verifies all children are attending school.  

We need to raise $2770 FULLY FUNDED over the next week to help send the 50 students who don't have sponsors to school and make sure they have uniforms, notebooks, and pencils.   Would you consider helping us?  As the money is raised, each day I will update the amount we need to raise.  Thank you for sharing about our fundraiser.  Any amount will help and can be given via the paypal links on the right side of the blog. 

And to kick off the week of fundraising we have a giveaway to share that includes two gifts.

1.  A $50 gift certificate to MamAfrica Design.  "MamAfrica Designs is a non-profit organization based out of Bukavu, located in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Our mission is to change the lives of the women and the future of the children that have been most affected by conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo. We take a holistic approach to creating this change by providing education, healing arts programs and economic opportunity. This fosters self-empowerment, community and sustainability for the women and will ultimately result in generational change. Our programs reflect the basic premise that when women have equity, nations and the world become more secure." (Taken from their website, found here).  Bukavu is the city closest to where all the children we support live in eastern DRC.   Below is a photo from their shop and some of the women that work at MamAfrica. 

2.  A craft made in eastern DRC.  This craft was particularly meaningful to me because almost all of the children we support currently have lost their mothers (many giving birth).  Educating children, especially girls, is an important way we can work to lower maternal mortality (mothers who die in birth).  "Educating girls for six years or more drastically and consistently improves their prenatal care, postnatal care and childbirth survival rates." (UNICEF, source found here.)

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