Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Changes for the New Year (a Reeds of Hope Update)

As we come to the end of 2014, we at Reeds of Hope, have been reevaluating all our programs and looking at the future of our work in DRC.  Over the past couple of years we have seen our mission shift from direct care of children living in an orphanage to caring for vulnerable families.  Moving forward, we have come to realize that family reunification -- and family strengthening -- work is where our hears lie.

In moments of crises, in times of extreme poverty, or in tragedies -- such as the death of a mother during the birth of her child -- families often break apart.  We have seen Congolese men and women come together during these times and care for each other, either preventing the family fracture, or caring for the children when it does break.  We want to partner with programs and projects that do this hard work --groups that keep families together in the vulnerable moments when they are at most risk of falling apart. Walking alongside someone in the midst of their suffering brings hope.  

We also want to help Congolese women and men who have been supporting vulnerable children in their communities by providing family structures for those who don't have families or need new families.  We support and applaud the amazing work of the Congolese women and men who have been doing this work for years in their local communities.  It is humbling to consider the amazing networks that reach out to each other in times of insecurity, extreme poverty, violence, lack of infrastructure, lack of justice, and lack of basic human rights.  We believe in supporting these efforts and that in building up the capacity of local programs to care for each other, families can get the support they need when they are threatened.  Keeping families together and supporting new family structures brings hope.

We believe in education.  We know that for many children who have returned home to their families, paying school fees can be an insurmountable barrier.  We believe in helping these children continue their education as long as they want to attend.  We also believe that the groups that are supporting children in family units often need help to send all their children to school.  And older children need job trainings and job skills.   Education brings hope.

We are excited about the work we will be doing in 2015 in DRC.  We support the amazing work of the heroes of DRC -- Congolese men and women who make an impact in their daily lives as they reach out to those around them that are passing through a vulnerable fragile times.  We are thankful for the opportunities we have had to serve in the past and we look forward to the new ways we will be serving in DRC in the future.

Most of all we are thankful for the support of those who have come alongside us for so many years and continue to walk with us today.  Thank you for your continued belief in the Congolese people and their strength, beauty, resiliency, and courage.

If you are a regular donor with Reeds of Hope, please check your inbox for more details on changes to our projects and our future work in DRC.  We will be updating our website over the next month to reflect these changes.   Also, follow us on facebook!   We will be sending updates of our new projects!

If you are working with an orphanage in DRC or want to learn more about what we consider important and essential components to our work in DRC, please read these two posts--found here and here.  These posts are close to my heart and I consider them very important.  

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